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The wedding and honeymoon were amazing.  We both had a great time and I really needed the holiday.  Of course I could have done with more time – perhaps the rest of the year?  Would that be possible?

We went back to work yesterday and now I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my course materials – they are due to be dispatched on the 16th.

I have to say that I’m looking forward to getting back into learning.

It’s interesting looking through the blog entries of other students.  Not having any course materials to ponder over has stopped me from using this blog as much as I might like; however, I’m finding it encouraging to see how other OU learners have been using it as a support and discussion tool, as this is pretty much how I intend to use it when the course starts.

I like the thought of having a dedicated blog to my OU experience.  I’ve been keeping it out of my personal blog due to a little trepidation that I won’t be able to manage with the work/study/life balance.

Anyway, lunch is over and I must get back to work.