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One of the most useful skills I’ve learnt from my job is how to create visually attractive reports. As the team leader of a media analysis department, part of my role is ensuring the reports we write are not only pertinent to the needs of our clients, but also that they are a positive reflection of our company brand. A good looking report with useless content is not worth the paper it’s printed on, but an attractive report that is relevant and insightful can be an exceedingly useful selling tool.

This made me wonder if the skills I’ve picked up will help me with my TMA’s. Will making assignments attractive help me to get a better grade? Or is it just something that I should consider doing after the assignment is written, if I have the time?

If it does affect my grade, is that fair to other students that don’t have the same amount of experience in using Office as I do?

I think this is one I’ll have to ask my tutor once the course starts.