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It would appear that, without knowing it, I’ve already started the study diary task suggested in the Introduction chapter with this blog.  I’m hoping that this will save me from the fact that I haven’t really got a clue on how to start my study schedule – surely the one that they gave me in the sample course timetable is a good guide?

I did a little bit of reading of the introduction chapter on the train into work this morning, but I wouldn’t really call it studying – I’ve only done the first two activities and skipped over the rest of the activities in the chapter.  Is this going to hamper me in the future?  Or can I go back and do them later?

My main reason for skipping over them was that I think I now, having read ahead a little bit, should wait until the course starts to carry on with the studies.  I think the study schedule in particular is going to need tutor input, which obviously I won’t have until the course starts.  Also, I feel wary of skipping too far ahead, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable venturing into chapter one before I’ve even talked to my tutor.

Still, I’ve discovered things that I never realised before; it may seem silly, but it turns out that words like “alliteration”  have a use!  Apparently my GCSE English teacher didn’t teach me the meaning of the word so that I would have the knowledge forever more and thus have a slightly better vocabulary, but so that I would use it in essays!  Somehow, I completely missed this point when I was 15/16 and now that I’m 27 (28 in a few weeks) I finally understand where I could have improved at GCSE.

I feel a lot more comfortable now that my course materials have explained to me that these magical words are tools that need to be applied in the correct way to formulate a conclusion about a text.

As I said, it seems really simple, but I’ve always been more comfortable with the ‘Yes/No/we don’t know’ of science than I have with the fluid concept of the Arts.

But this does mean that I’m already a little step closer to my final goals: proving to myself that I can do it and improving my writing and analytical skills.