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1. How does this course compare to the one I’m going to take next?

Currently I’m taking Y160, Making Sense of the Arts and the next course will be AA100, The Arts Past and Present.  Obviously I hope that the skills I develop in Y160 will assist me in AA100, but how does the amount of time I’m going to be putting into the two compare?

Obviously AA100 lasts longer, but day-on-day what will the difference in study levels be?  So far I’ve put in about four/five hours of serious study time and I’ve nearly finished chapter one.  I’m hoping to finish it before the weekend.

2. Will I be able to consistently devote the amount of time I need to my studies?

Working on the train into work this morning went quite well, although I’m not sure I could do that every day – I won’t be awake enough!  But I could certainly read texts and familiarise myself with the work on the AM commute.

I intend to do a little more on the train home, but will I be able to sustain this level of devotion?  Will I get fed up and move on?

3. Can I complete a degree?

A degree is a huge commitment, both in terms of time and money.  Do I have the stamina to do it?  Will I throw it in, like so many of my other projects?

4. Am I good enough?

I’ve got pretty high expectations of what I should be able to achieve, will I actually be able to achieve them?  Or will I fail and let myself down?

5. Will work block the OU website?

And if they do, how will I cope if I’m not able to write this blog on my lunch break?