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Tonight my tutor rings me for the first time.  I’m really looking forward to it and I’m hoping that it’ll be the start of many great things.

Despite saying that I’d wait until I’d heard from my tutor before starting section one, I ventured into it slightly last week.  But so far my studying has very much been ad hoc and dependant on when I felt like doing it… presumably this is going to change when I have actual deadlines.  It can’t all be as easy as I’ve been taking it so far, can it?  I suspect not, so far I’ve been swotting up ahead of the course start, soon the course will have begun and I’ll suddenly have less time to do things in.

Thankfully, things have been a lot better this week; I’ve got a letter that will get my season ticket duplicated for me, and instructions on how to get the money back on the interim tickets I had to buy.  I’m no longer ill.  I seem to have enough work to fill my week, rather than more work that I can reasonably do in a week.  I’m full of husband-made risotto.  The wedding pictures will be coming through soon, now that the photographer is out of hospital (poor thing).  My course starts soon.

Now I just need to get back some of the calm I had yesterday and get things done.