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Things seem to be going okay so far.  I had my second phone call with my tutor on Tuesday, and afterwards I generally felt quite good about where I’m heading.  The plan is for me to finish the poetry section and have read, but not started, the first assignment before our next conversation.  Although, depending on how I do, I might write some draft notes on the assignment that I can update/revise following the phone call.

I’ve just got one more activity to complete before I move onto Haiku, so I’ll try to do that tonight, possibly on the train home from work.

Work is not so much fun at the moment.  I was here until seven last night, and will probably be here late again tonight and tomorrow.  I’m finding that my studies are giving me a good way to relax on the way home – it’s a fun way to use my brain, and it’s much better than just digesting reams of information from the free papers.  However, the free papers haven’t completely lost, I can’t really study on the tube to and from Paddington – plus the guinea pigs still need paper to line their pen with!

So far I have loved learning again.  There’s so much in the course that seems familiar to me, but now makes sense.  The analysis of poems by recognising the techniques used has already got me looking at things a little deeper, and if I’m doing well at the end of next week, I may try and analyse the western poetry to see what results I get.

While I’m not finding it difficult it doesn’t come naturally to me, so having a guiding hand there to help me out is really good.  I feel like I’m working parts of my brain that I haven’t used for a while; it’s like that first gentle work out when you return to the gym after being ill – you don’t want it to be difficult, but it has to stretch you enough to be worthwhile.  Which reminds me, I need to go back to the gym!

Also, I wrote a poem last night.  It was obviously in the style of Full Moon and Little Frieda, but it’s nice to have a moment of spontaneous creativity.

Anyway, back to the pile of work!