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I’ve had a look at the finance options for the course and, at the moment, I’m still uncertain about what to do.  I’m going to wait to hear back from OUSBA and re-assess where I am at the end of the week.

I’ve got Thursday and Friday off work, which is perfect timing in terms of the course.  My next tutor phone call is on Wednesday, we’re going to discuss TMA01, so over the four day weekend I’ll hopefully have time to feed the results of the conversation into the TMA.  I’ve got just two activities left in the poetry section, so here’s hoping that I’ll have those finished by tomorrow so that I can sit down with the TMA on the train on Wednesday ahead of the phone call.

Despite not being certain if I’ll be able to take AA100 in February, I’m still going to work to a timetable of one chapter a month, it seems to be a nice easy pace, and it has the advantage of meaning I’ll be finished in January, in time for if I do end up doing AA100 in February.

I’m really not certain what I’ll do if I don’t do the course in February, I’ll have to think of something.

In a separate note, the laptop that my lovely husband bought for me for my birthday arrived on Friday.  It’s ladybug red!  The laptop has been bought to replace my current computer, but adds the dimension of portability that I need, given that I commute for three hours a day.  Once I’ve found a nice bag to carry it in, preferably one that doesn’t look much like a laptop bag so that no-one feels the need to try to steal it, I’ll be taking my laptop into work with me.  I was thinking that I could use it to keep notes for my next course, but it could also be used for my general writing and also for work.