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Activity 31 was really intimidating me.  I spent Sunday and Monday avoiding it, hoping that all would become clear before my tutor phone call tomorrow.

But, realising that I want to have finished the poetry section today so that I can look at the TMA for the phone call tomorrow, I sat down in the work kitchen at the start of my lunch and looked at it again.

I did exactly what it said; I re-read the notes I’d written on Full Moon and Little Frieda, I re-read the poem, I took a moment to assess the meaning of the poem… and started writing.  I got a full page of notes on my opinion of the meaning of the poem, using evidence from the text to explain why I felt particular ways.

I feel a lot more confident about the TMA now, and I feel that Activity 31 was a good almost-end to the poetry section.

Tonight on the train home I’m going to complete Activity 32, a short study diary on how I’m feeling and how it’s been going for me.  Tomorrow I’m going to have a good hard look at the TMA and draw some conclusions so that I have something interesting to talk about in the tutor phone call.

It’s all good.