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Today has certainly be a day of variety.  First thing this morning as I was walking to the station I was considering a poem that I’d like to write, although I’m not sure I have the ability to do it just yet.  It was a description of the view from my old work place at 4 in the morning; that’s the most peaceful time of the day.  Revellers have already moved on from the town centre and early workers have yet to rise.  It feels like the only people awake are those on night shifts, and they certainly aren’t out walking the streets.

Despite having my ladybug-laptop now, I’ve yet to write anything on it, so musings are certainly going to help, even if they are uneventful.

Unfortunately I had a particularly angry commute after my quite contemplation, as I tried and partially failed to prevent pushy-commuter-lady from barging past everyone in a desperate attempt to get her over-sized arse into a seat.  Followed by a full tube journey, complete with elbows and a very, very busy day at work.

Luckily, my tutor phone call has been put off until tomorrow, which is a relief.  I had worried that I’d be working late and would be unable to get home with enough time to relax before the phone call, and now that isn’t a problem.  Having had a look at the assignment, I’d like to re-read some of the notes on haiku before the phone call too, so this will give me extra time to do that.

Now I need to get back into the work so that I’m not here too late and can have as much time as possible in my four-day weekend.