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Having recieved an email from OUSBA, I’m able to apply for loans, but my concern is that I’ll miss the cut off for the start of the course by doing that.  I suppose I should have another look at it tonight and try to apply.  Worst case scenario is I defer until October and use the time in between now and then to work on my writing, so that’s not terrible, just a little bit backwards (as I’m doing the courses to improve my writing).

I had my tutor discussion on Thursday, which went very well.  However, since then I’ve not started the TMA.  I began plotting it out last night, but life just got in the way on my four day weekend.  Still, as I’m pretty much where I wanted to be, it’s all good.

I didn’t do any studying on the train into work this morning, as it’s the first day back I pretty much just tried to close my eyes and rest.  I’ll start the history section on the train home tonight.  I should really start the TMA tonight, as it’s due a week on Friday.

Okay, my lunch break is nearly over, so I should really get back to it!