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After much soul searching and several discussions with my beloved husband, I signed up for AA100.  I’m hugely relieved that I went for it, it was definitely what I wanted to do.

So this means that I need to really concentrate on Y160, with a mind to finishing before the end of January.  I’ve been relaxing on it so far due to the knowledge that I’ve got lots of time off work over Christmas, and so should be able to do quite a lot on it then, but I need to pick it back up and try to get as far through the history section as I can before Christmas.

I’m currently half way through TMA01, which is just about on schedule, I’ve arranged with my tutor that I’ll deliver it before Friday, so I should try to get it finished today or tomorrow to hand it in well ahead of the deadline.

I’m hoping that I have the same tutor for AA100 as I’ve had for Y160, as she seem to be really nice.  Plus she’s really punctual in terms of tutorials, we can set a time and I’ll know that the phone will ring at exactly the time we agreed, that’s definitely a good thing.