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Some time ago I purchased a student copy of Microsoft Office 2007 (at a fairly reasonably price from Amazon, I might add), which came with the OneNotes software.  I’ve had a bit of a play around with it for some writing ideas I’ve had, and it seems to emulate a notebook, complete with sticky tabs, pretty well.  But will it be of any use to me?

I can touch type at least as fast as I can hand write, so speed won’t be an issue.

I’ll be carrying my books to work with me anyway, so would the substitution of my course folder for my laptop make a difference to the weight of my commuting bag?

I’ll be able to watch course DVD’s on the train.

On the otherhand, will typing the notes mean that I miss some important level of comprehension?  Is the process of reading, hand-writing and reviewing one that helps me to learn?

If I type up my notes, will I pay attention to what I’m writing, or will I just be copying what I’ve read in the text?  Will it go in at my eyes and out at my fingertips, without ever really touching the brain?

I think I’ll have to look into this over Christmas; perhaps I’ll try writing up the notes to one of the chapters for Y160 on the computer to see if it makes a difference.