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My mind is definitely in study mode!  I check the forum daily, although I rarely write anything there, and I’ve been blogging quite a lot.

I promised myself when I started writing this blog that I’d only post when I had something to say regarding my studies.  I guess the frequency of my posting means I have a lot to say!

I was surprised at how soon the material for AA100 is due to be dispatched.  It’s due to go out on December 18th, for the course to start on February 6th.  This has got me asking, is this because of the state of the post over Christmas, or is it because the material is so difficult you need a month and a half’s head start?

I finished the TMA yesterday, so now all I need to do is review it, make any small adjustments and add in my references – all two of them!  I’m a little intimidated by the fact that some people have already completed TMA02, but maybe I can have it written by Christmas.