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When I was taking my fine time writing TMA01 I felt I was fairly justified in not starting the history section just yet.  I was well aware of my self-imposed timetable of wanting to finish the history section by the end of December, and figured that there was still plenty of December left to get started.

Well, I’m now a third of the way through December (as I guess are we all, for that matter!) and I’m wondering when I’ll find the time to get cracking on the history.  This weekend is already full; the beloved and I are going to a friend’s shop to play games tonight, we’re probably going to the cinema tomorrow, followed by some Christmas shopping, and on Sunday my lovely cousin is coming to visit.  I guess if we catch the early showing tomorrow, and try to get home before 3pm, I’ll have plenty of time to get some work done, motivation permitting.  Or we could leave the cinema for another time, I guess.

Previously I’ve been doing the work on the train home from work, which has been adequate, but having flicked through the chapter I’ve noticed that there’s an awful lot of activities that require me to watch the DVD… I could take my laptop with me, practising the computerised note taking that I discussed earlier in my blog; but my laptop is too new, it isn’t insured and is far too precious for me to risk it on the commute.

So that leaves studying at home.  I have no motivation to study at home on week nights as I only have two or three hours in between getting home and going to bed, one of which I spend eating and talking to my husband.  Which leaves the weekends, or, as I’ve been planning, the Christmas holidays.

This brings me to my next worrying point… If I can’t find time to do the very small and quite easy history section of Y160, how am I ever going to find the time to complete AA100 when it starts?