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I decided to try to collect my TMA on the off chance that it was ready.  I had a bit of a shock, the mark said 1%, which was very worrying.  I had a look at the comments that had been made, and they were all quite positive so I can only conclude that either 1% is how much the assignments contributes to the final grade, or that my tutor made a mistake…

Okay, I’ve just read the assessment summary and 1% is just a mark they have to put in to make the computer happy.  Panic over.  I achieved all of the learning outcomes and had some very good comments, so I’m happy with that.  That’s another hurdle cleared.  Time to be a little bit proud of myself.

I started the history section yesterday (finally) and I might do a little bit more tonight.  Or I might just play computer games and relax, we’ll see.