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The course materials for AA100 are here!  Thursday was the work Christmas party; as I was sleeping on a friends settee, I left the house on Thursday morning and didn’t get home until 23:30 on Friday night, the course materials were a nice little pre-Christmas present for me to get home to.

All those books and educational materials are getting me excited again, but the study schedule looks a lot more packed than the one for Y160!  There will definitely have to be a lot of planning ahead – especially as there’s no space for holidays in the schedule they’ve sent through!  I guess that means planning when holidays will be occuring and doing all the study for that week ahead of time.

I’m on track for Y160.  I’ve got my tutor phone call today, I think it’ll be on TMA01, which I think I did very well in.  I’m not very far into the history section, but I do have a week off work the week after next, so I’m planning on using a fair portion of that to finish the history and start on the Art History.

I’d like to get the ECA sent off at the end of January so that I can focus on AA100 when it starts.

On a completely seperate note, it’s freezing!  I’m sat right next to the radiator with a blanket over my legs and I’m still cold!  I could move up to the bedroom, which is a lot warmer than my open plan living/dining room, but the table only arrived today and I want to take advantage of it.  I love the snow in the garden though, it’s nice to be able to look up through the patio doors and see a mini patch of white.