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I had a flick through the introduction handbook and the timetable over the weekend, it’s looking like it’ll be really busy!  For Y160 I’ve been working on a chapter a month timescale, but for AA100 it’ll be a chapter a week!  That probably works out to be me studying on the train from work every day, a few evenings of dedicated study and/or one day out of the weekend each week.

It’ll mean I’ll have to plan my studies a lot better; I probably need one of those page-a-day diaries so I can plan ahead, or some sort of calendar I can access online when at work and at home.  I’m not that keen on the OU calendar system, so it’ll have to be something else.

Still, I should probably stop thinking ahead and focus on what’s directly before me.  I’ve got my books with me to work on the history section on my way home tonight; I’ve got a lot of things still to do before Christmas, mainly cleaning the house and work; I’ve got a report that I need to get out today, and actually having a lunch (as I am now) may not necessarily help with that!