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It turns out that I like to relax at Christmas, so my plans to study everyday didn’t happen.  No big deal, I’ve only got ten or so activities left in this chapter and if I’m careful, I can get those done and dusted this week.

I should probably try to get this chapter finished by Thursday/Friday so that I can do my essay over the weekend, leaving just one chapter and the ECA to do in January.

I started Dr. Faustus over Christmas, there are a lot of soliloquies, and an awful lot of beard stroking is being undertaken by the characters.  Repetition seems to be the thing, with each point being mentioned a few times, just to drive it home.  It’ll be good to listen to the audio version of the play, as I’m sure that’ll be a bit easier to understand (and less tedious).

Anyway, I’m waiting for a phone call from a very dear friend of mine, dinner is being made by the lovely husband and I’m going for drinks over the road later to wish the neighbours a very happy Christmas later on, so I should get another activity or two under my belt while I’m waiting for those things.




I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas – I had a great one.