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Hopefully it won’t go the same way as the Artillery Man’s plan (Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds).  Thinking about it, is it wrong that I’ve listened to Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds a hundred time, but never read the book?  Given that I’m on an Arts course, perhaps I should look to remedy that!

Moving on – my plan is to complete chapter 4 in a week.  The idea behind this is that if I’m able to complete it in the given timescale I should be more or less prepared for AA100, especially as I have little previous experience with art.  Additionally, completing the chapter in that timescale should give me plenty of time to start the ECA ahead of week one on AA100.

My Grandma is continuing to get better, she’s been writing out the names of family members.  She’s right handed, and after the second stroke she had lost use of her right arm, so the fact that she can not only manipulate her hand well enough to write, but also remember how to construct the words with the correct letters in the correct order is an amazing achievement.  It seems so simple to me to be able to write, so while I empathise with her, I find it difficult to relate what she’s going through to others; a few days ago my Grandma was an intelligent, fiery, battleaxe of a woman, so the idea that she’s now trying to remember how to spell her own name correctly, and how to take a pen and write it correctly isn’t an easy one for me.  Luckily, she’s lost none of the fire or the temper, and she understands everything we say to her, she just has trouble translating her thoughts into spoken or written words.  The outlook is generally positive though.