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My husband was flicking through the Reputations book for AA100 yesterday, and seemed to be quite interested in it.  I suggested that he read through it and try to mirror me while I study, that way he’ll get the knowledge, although not the accreditation or support, and find out if an OU course might work for him.

I’ve been suggesting he do an OU course for a while now, he dropped out of red brick Uni because it didn’t suit him or his lifestyle at the time; but I suspect that he’d find an OU course a lot more interesting than your standard Uni course and would be able to make use of any points he has from his first time in Uni.  Plus the OU has the advantage that once you’ve done one course you don’t need to take on another if you find that it doesn’t suit you.

I’ll just have to give him time and see what happens.  I definitely don’t want to push him into it, it needs to be something that he decides to do on his own.

I’m working from home today due to the snow, and finding that it’s quite an easy thing to do – I’m putting the hours and work in, without the hassle of being interrupted by questions every 15 minutes.  It certainly gives me something to think about if I wanted to consider working from home full-time.