I’ve been writing this little blog for a while now and during each post I’ve had a few rules in my head, as well as a little “mission statement”.  I decided that, for clarities sake, I should probably jot them down here.

I know that everyone uses their blogs very differently, but as I already have a personal “blog” and a StalkerBook account, I decided to keep this blog to something very specific.  There are a few rules that I follow that aren’t listed below, but the three given are the main ones.

As an aside, I was reading Dr Faustus on the train into work today, it’s becoming a little easier for me to read now that I know the style a little better.

Blog Mission statement:

A chronicle of my studies at the OU.

My blog rules:

1. Each post should discuss my studies at the OU in some way.

2. Discussions of my life outside the OU should directly relate to how it has affected my studies.

3. Keep personal identifiers to a minimum.