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I’m taking my work-work in my stride today.  Everyone in my team seems to be pulling together to help out with the masses of work we have on and we’re going for a drink after work.  It’s Friday and I’m optimistic!

And it’s just started snowing – yay!

Having finished Dr Faustus yesterday I started reading The Burial at Thebes last night before bed.  I have to say that I preferred Thebes to Faustus, it was a lot easier to read and the characters were more life-like. I finished it on the train into work this morning and I’ll be interested to see how it relates to the course later on.  Having said that, the notes in the back of Faustus really gave me an idea as to how we might be using it to discuss the reputation of Christopher Marlowe, particularly as they drew similarities between Faustus and Marlowe’s life.

The notes that particularly piqued my interest was a discussion Faustus’ final damnation, suggesting that perhaps sleeping with “Helen of Troy” had resulted in him being beyond redemption; one person noted that this is not in itself an unforgiveable sin, so Faustus still could have been saved.  My take on it is that it wasn’t the act itself that was unforgivable, but the fact that Faustus was given his last chance of redemption and rejected it.  I believe that he was damned because on the last day of his earthly life, knowing that at midnight he would be pulled into hell, he rejected salvation and repentance.  Finally with the hour upon him Faustus begs to be saved, although when I considered if he deserved to be released from his contract I asked myself: “Would he, given the time again, do anything differently?  Or would he glut himself on power and pleasures, only to ask for salvation at the last moment, not to be in the grace of God, but to selfishly save himself?”

With that in mind, I think it’s safe to say that I’m really looking forward to AA100.  I have just over three weeks before the official start date; these will be filled with working on Y160, and perhaps a little bit of getting ahead on the AA100 set texts.  Currently I’m hoping to get TMA02 submitted on Sunday/Monday. I’ll then start Chapter 4, which I hope to finish by the 20th, giving me 10 days to complete the ECA and prepare for the start of AA100.