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I started Chapter 4 yesterday and I’ve already got a few activities under my belt.  I have to admit that after the drag through the History section, the Art section is looking a lot more interesting. 

I’m not sure I’ll manage to achieve my plan of finishing Chapter 4 in a week, I’m going to be stupidly busy in the next week.  I’ve got 25 activities to go until the end of the chapter, that’s an average of  4 or 5 a day until Wednesday.  However, this weekend I’ve got to work from home on a report that’s due on Monday, I’m also having a girls night on Saturday – which will be lots of fun, but will require a little bit of planning – so my weekend is very nearly full!  Still, it’s all good.

On a work note, one good thing about work is that our report writing uses very similar principals to essay writing.  Both require you to look at a selection of sources, assess each for various qualities and then compile them in a readable format.  The main difference between the reports I write for work and the essays I write for my course is that my essays require a lot more personal interaction.  The reports I write have to be formal and have no opinion; while my opinion is the basis of the essays for this course!

But speaking of work, I should get back to it, the more I don’t do today, the more I have to do over the weekend.