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I got my assessment back for TMA02, I did a lot better than I expected to.  I have to admit that I wasn’t very happy with it when I sent it out, but I got “just achieved” on learning outcome 8 and “achieved” on the other seven learning outcomes.  So now all I need to do to pass the course is get “achieved” on six of the learning outcomes for my ECA – although that was all I needed to do to pass the course before I sent in my TMA02!

However, I suspect that the feedback from my tutor will be really useful when it comes to the ECA.  One problem I had with TMA01 was that it was probably too good; that is to say that it was well within the limits of my capabilities and that I didn’t learn an awful lot about essay writing from it (although I did learn a lot about poetry).  This TMA is far from perfect, and as such I’ve got a lot of points to learn from; points that I’ll hopefully carry with me into the future so that I can carry on doing well with My OU Literature Ladder.

As a seperate point, I haven’t been updating my blog much because I’ve been far too busy at work.  As such my studies have fallen by the wayside, and so has this blog.  I’ve been taking a peak at the forums for both my courses, although with AA100, I’m finding that most of the posts I just open in new tabs to mark them as “read” without having actually read them.  There are far too many students on AA100 for me to read every post that’s made on that forum!