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I’m quite proud of myself, not only am I actually getting a proper lunch break today (although I’m not sure what time I’ll finish work as a result), but I also managed to “read” all of the unread posts in the introductions forum for AA100; which means I opened them in tabs and closed them again to mark them as read.  But hopefully that means there are no longer 500+ unread posts in the forum daunting me, and telling me I’m not participating enough in the internet side of the course.

The thing is, I just can’t find it in myself to join in on the several hundred discussions that basically say the same thing: “Hi!  I exist, and I’m doing the same course as you!”  Maybe that means I’m a loner and a social misfit… but I like to think that when I attend the tutorials I’ll meet the people in my area that are doing my course and get to know them personally, even if it is just on an academic level.

Similarly, I haven’t really looked at the course discussion forum, because I haven’t started studying yet, so I have nothing to contribute.  I occasionally take part in the Y160 forum, I certainly read pretty much everything that’s posted there, even if I don’t add my voice to the discussion. 

Anyway, I’ve arranged a phone tutorial with my Y160 tutor for Sunday, or rather I will have once I reply to her email!  And I’m thinking of taking the day of my first AA100 tutorial off work so that I can attend.  It’s possible that I’ll be able to go there straight from getting off the train from work, but I suspect that taking the day off would be the best strategy; I nearly considered a half-day, then I remembered that half-days are completely pointless when you commute, because you don’t get back to your home town until mid-afternoon and you don’t manage to do much work in the 3.5 hours you’re there.

But what I really need right now is the time and space to be able to study.  Studying on the train hasn’t been working recently, and I haven’t had any free time during the weekends.  So please send me wishes of happy studying for the rest of the week – I think I’ll need them!

All the best