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I’ve finally got back into my studies!  I had my tutor phone call this afternoon and immediately afterwards sat down to study.  I’m pretty proud of myself really, I’ve spent a good few hours studying that was only interrupted by eating dinner and the break I’m taking at the moment to go on the internet.

It’s a bit of a relief to be returning to it all, to be honest.  I’d really started to worry that I simply wouldn’t have time to do AA100, although that concern hasn’t diminished just yet.

I’ve started tailoring my Y160 studies towards preparing for AA100.  I’ve written up a few notes so that they can go into my AA100 folder, focussing on the glossary and study methods I’ve been putting together for Y160.  My tutor let me know that AA100 doesn’t provide as much of the basic information that Y160 does, so I’m trying to make sure that my notes are good enough for me to not have to keep returning to the Y160 books.

Unfortunately, as it’s the last day of the month today, my hopes that I would have finished Y160 before AA100 started have been dashed against the jagged rocks of work commitment.  Although, as my tutor pointed out, I can always skip the Art section for now if I need to – although apparently it’s quite useful for AA100.

To be honest, I suspect that I’ll have less work commitments this month; hopefully I won’t have any more work to do during the weekends for a little while, which will be very welcome!  Although I suspect I’m going to have to be tougher on myself if I want to do well in AA100.

On that note, it’s fairly late and I should either study more, or get some sleep.

Good night world, may you have inspiring dreams.