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I have to admit I was anxious about the tutorial.  I had my lovely husband walk me to the bus stop, he gave me a kiss on the head and told me I’ll be fine, which I was.  I met a few people, got to know one other student very well (as much as you can in 20 minutes of coversation), and got an idea of who the other people on my course were.

I started on the Cleopatra chapter today, eventually.  I had planned to study quite a lot today, but instead I opened the package the postman kindly brought me, chatted to a friend online for a little while, met my husband in town for lunch, did a bit of shopping, put a couple of cheques into the bank, bought some buttons to sew onto my coat and started knitting a scarf.  Then I did the first two activities on Cleopatra before making dinner and going to the tutorial.

Still, it was really nice to have a day at home where I could do whatever I wanted.

I think I’ll be taking my course book into work with me tomorrow for some commuting study, I just need to check that I have all the materials I need for that.

Now I’m going to send my dummy TMA and go to bed.

Good night world.