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The Introductory student forums are closed!  I had a little happy moment when I realised that the Introduction forums were no longer active.  Now they are “read only” there can be no more posts on those forums! That thought brings me joy. 

I know they were probably very useful to quite a few people, but I just found them overwhelming.  I hated having to decide what was worth reading and ended up just opening most of it in tabs to stop it being “unread”.  Mind you I still have 725 unread in the “Course Topics Discussion” forum – I’ve decided I’ll dip into this forum occasionally, picking out the threads that relate to the section I’m reading at the time. It’s much easier now that I only have the Tutorial forums to read!As far as study goes, I think I’m doing fine.  I did a little bit of work on Cleopatra on the train this morning, and it seemed okay.  I worked on the Art History section of Y160 yesterday, but now I’m going to focus on AA100.  I think I’m on target at the moment, being neither particularly ahead, or especially far behind, but that’s fine by me.  Although I’d like to get a little bit ahead of myself as time goes on to account for unexpected interruptions.

 Okay, back to work for me!