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Yet another amazing tutorial.  I just seem to get a lot more out of the tutorials than I do the course books.  This one covered art and it was interesting to see the polarisations of opinion on Cezanne’s work.  I think that was probably the best part of the tutorial, seeing that a few people were obviously his defenders, and others were very much couldn’t see the point of some of his works. I can’t say that I’m a big fan, although I like a couple of the more realistic ones. I quite glad that the TMA isn’t on Cezanne.

However, generally speaking I’m probably more in favour of impressionistic or modern art than I am of classical art.  I tend to find classical art quite boring and unoriginal, although I did see a couple that I really liked when I went to the Academia on my Honeymoon. I’m lucky enough to have two paintings hung up in my living room, if you’ll excuse the terrible picture quality (taken on my camera phone) here they are. The first was painted by my friend Emma:

The second my husband and I bought at a very nice art shop in Matlock Bath; although I was more in favour of the larger sky scene by the same artist, this one goes very well with the red in our living room:

Which, I think shows that I have a certain leaning towards the less classical form.

Anyway, I’m about half way through the Cezanne chapter, so I’m on track at the moment and hoping to get my TMA and ECA finished over the weekend, although that does seem very optimistic!

I’m definitely enjoying the course so far – particularly the nice and intelligent people I’m meeting. Anyway, the husband is home from his lads night out, so I shall finish writing this.

Good night!