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Work has an unfortunate way of making life difficult.  This weekend was supposed to be “essay weekend”, unfortunately, it turned into “write a 33 page report for work” weekend.  This is a real pain, as TMA01 is due at midday on Friday.  I did manage to get a bit of a start on the Faustus question, I’ve written a full page of notes, gathered my main arguement in my head and written a killer first paragraph.  I’m pretty confident about that section of the essay, I think my arguement is well supported, logical and interesting; I guess all I have to do now is write it.

I’ve yet to take a proper look at the Cleopatra question, I did check with my tutor if we’re able to use pictures as part of the essay (we are), but as I’ve not fully researched the material yet, I’m not sure if I’ll need to include any pictures.

A little more worrying is the ECA for Y160, which is due a week on Friday and has to be delivered by post.  I’ve started the comparison of the two poems and I think I’ve got enough material for the 1000 words, but I’m going to do the TMA first as it has the closest deadline.  I guess that so long as my ECA goes in the post for next-day delivery on Monday 15th I’ll be fine.  I don’t mind paying that little bit extra to make sure it gets there.

So now the plan is to write my TMA over the next few evenings after work and hopefully get my ECA written then too.  If I have to leave some of my ECA for the weekend, then that’s just what I’ll have to do, but I’d really rather have it finished for Friday.

I’m pretty much up to date on all my other work for AA100, I’ve just got the quiz left to do, so I may do that as part of a break when I’m writing my essays.  I like having all those little tick marks in the to-do list, it’s heart-warming.

I would like to say that I haven’t been entirely stuck to my computer this weekend, I did leave the house on Saturday in order to buy things for the allotment, and I went to the allotment today.  That was successful, we managed to get two beds of potatoes planted as well as a whole bed of white onions.  Plus it gave me a nice break from work and let me enjoy the brilliant early spring sunshine.