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This will have to be short, as I don’t have much lunch break left.  One of the things that I particularly enjoy about this course is the change in perspective it’s giving me on all sorts of different topics.  My idea’s around Faraday have been changed this week; as I already have a degree in Physics, as well as an A-Level in Electronics, I was fairly familiar with his work, but I’d never considered him the context of his reputation at the time.  It was really interesting to learn about him as a person, rather than just about his experiments and the impact they’ve had on science.  It was certainly very interesting to me.

Continuing on perspective, train of thought, I have a different view of Y160 now that I’ve sent it off.  I received the confirmation card yesterday, so I know I hit the deadline and now that it’s finished, I’m really happy.  Without having done that course I wouldn’t have had the courage to try AA100.  I wouldn’t have believed that I was able to write at a degree level in the Arts without having done the course.  After all, the last time I studies the Arts was my GCSE’s, which was 12 years ago, all of my studies since then have been in the sciences.

Finally, my grade for the first TMA has come back today.  I did very well, I was a grade bracket above my expectations, so I’m exceedingly happy about that.  Talking again on perspective though, I did better in the first question than in the second and I had expected it to be the other way around.