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The blog http://piplaw21.wordpress.com/ has encouraged me review my own reasons for doing a BA in English Language and Literature.

Of course I come from a very different background to this person, firstly, I have a third in Physics, rather than a 2:2 in an arts subject. Secondly, I was very happy to have passed my degree, as circumstances meant that I was on the border of passing and failing. Thirdly, while it’s direct impact on my current job is very narrow – some of the maths background occasionally comes in handy – the indirect impact of it can be felt through my entire life; nearly failing my first degree has taught me to try harder at things I care about and the transferable skills such as logical analysis and formal writing are very useful in my job.

Sometimes I do wish I’d done better, I was certainly capable of doing a lot better, but I accept that things have happened how they have happened and all I can do is build on that experience. Ultimately, while some blame can be apportioned to a former boyfriend, lack of support from the institution and various other factors, it was my reactions and responses to these that resulted in me not doing better.  Passing was a relief to me, my graduation was one of the happiest days of my life and since then I’ve come on in leaps and bounds.

So why am I doing a BA?

Well, as I’ve said before, a lot of it is because I want to prove to myself that I can do it, and do it well.  There’s very little a second degree will be able to give me in terms of CV building, I’ll be able to point out how great I am for studying and working full time, I’ll be able to point out that I’m well rounded, as I have degrees in both the sciences and the arts, and the usual time management and analytical writing skills of course.

I want to enjoy learning, and so far I’ve definitely achieved that. I also want that feather in my cap, I want the prestige of having two degrees – because I’m a vain little goblin. But most of all, I want to improve my writing skills, increase my confidence in writing and focus on developing that side of myself. 

What do I think is the point of a BA?  The point is to have fun and focus on my personal goals.  But that’s just me.