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I’ve done a disgracefully small amount of studying in the week I’ve had off work.  Mind you, I’ve done disgracefully little in general – it’s been very nice, certainly, but the list of things my husband and I wanted to achieve with the week off has been barely touched.  Now there is just one day left before I go back to work and I’m wishing I had another ten days away from it all.  Still, it should be quite an exciting time when I am back at work – it’s all change in my department, and it’s difficult to say at the minute quite what that means.

I have, however, done a little bit of studying. The day school, of course was a part of that, but I’m about half way through the Diva chapter (which means I’m slightly behind where I had hoped to get ahead of myself during these days off).  I’ve found that my note taking is a lot faster when I’m working on a computer.  I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised at that, I’m able to touch type and it would appear that I now type much faster than I could write. While this is good to know, it’s not of much use to me unless I have a significant amount of time that I can spend with my computer. At the moment I do most of my studying on the trains to and from work, and working with a laptop and a text book on a crowded commuter train probably isn’t going to work.  Which means that I’ll either have to review how I study, or struggle along with the slow pen-and-paper method that is at least convenient.

Also, I’ve been hit by the itchy feet bug again. I found that part way through Y160 I was looking forward to this course, looking ahead and wondering what it’ll be like, trying to work out if I could afford it, reading some of the set texts… now I’m looking at A215, which I think will be my next course.  I’ve not even finished my second TMA for AA100, and yet I’m looking forward to the next one – I don’t know if that indicates that I’m really enjoying the learning process, or if it means that I have trouble concentrating on the here and now in favour of the future.  It’s probably the latter to be honest; although, of course, I’m not going to let things slip on AA100, dreams shouldn’t get in the way of real life.