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I decided to solve the dilema I was having about being a week behind by skipping a chapter.  Meaning that I’m now (technically) up to date and onto the second book!

This weekend I’m going to finish off TMA02, which doesn’t seem especially difficult – mostly because a huge part of my job is taking proofing/ constructive criticism/ feedback and making my reports better on the back of it.

At the moment I’m wondering which of my skill sets I’m improving on; I already have  degree and I’m doing well on the assignment work because of skills I’ve learnt through my job.  If I have both of these things already, do I really need to be doing this?

After thinking all that I remind myself that I’m only at the beginning of the course, it is definitely going to get more difficult and it’s only a level one course – the level two and three courses are bound to be more difficult as well.  This means that I’ve resolve myself to carrying on with the course, because I’m enjoying it and practise improves the mind.