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My studies are going really well.  I’ve settled myself into a routine that means I study mostly during weekdays while on my way to and back from work.  This means that I have enough time to have a life as well as working and studying – which is definitely a good thing.

I’m stalling on my assignment, partly because when I took a look at it last weekend I couldn’t really see how I was going to tackle it.  This isn’t a problem.  I used this week to get ahead of the scheduled studies, meaning that I’m just altering when I do the work.  Also, the assignment isn’t due until a week on Friday anyway, so I’ve got quite a lot of time to get on with it.

I suspect that I may have upset one of my friends who is a former OU student.  I mentioned my grades by numbers and she seemed “happy for me” in a way that seemed to mean she didn’t do as well as I had when she studied a similar course.  She already has the degree that I’m aiming for, thanks to the OU, and she did really well, but maybe I’ll keep my conversations to “I did really well” rather than “I got x%”.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying my bank holiday weekend.  I’m half way through my time off work, I’m going to the cinema tonight and I think I’m going to see if I can drag the husband to a DIY shop now to buy paint.