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I expect that when someone says they will do something, that they will do it.  For example, if someone says that they are going to take some work home to do at home I expect them to do just that.  I certainly don’t expect them to take it home and not touch it; or if they did, I would expect them to have to live with the consequences the next day… I definitely wouldn’t expect them to go home with work, not do it and then expect other people to mop up their shit for them because they haven’t left themselves enough time to do everything.

And yet, this is exactly the situation I’ve found myself in at work.  One of my team said she was taking work home to do at home (as that was the only way she’d be able to meet all her deadlines this week), she didn’t do any of it, now three other people in her team are having to cover her for something that is due today.  If you’ll excuse my language, I think it’s taking the fucking piss.

Anyway, that’s not about Uni.  I have a very busy weekend this weekend, an assignment, a picnic, a birthday party, one friend possibly staying over on Saturday and one friend coming for dinner on Saturday… which could potentially mean I’m triple booked.  Hopefully, I’ll find the time to do at least one half of my asssignment this weekend.