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After reading the guidance for TMA03 part 1 I was a little overwhelmed at quite what was involved.  I don’t especially like opera and I hadn’t been looking forward to writing the assignment, so much so that I have been putting it off despite originally intending to start it two weekends ago when I was visiting my mother-in-law.

I had a very full weekend this weekend, and I wasn’t able to start my assignment until around 8 this evening.  Not that I minded of course, it was lovely to see all of my friends, play so many games and have such a good time!  Also, I have surpassed my own expectations, I finished part 1 of the TMA in just two hours – which I’m very happy about.  The lovely husband seems to be happy with it, I’m a little (but not very) uncertain about it as I’m not sure if I have included enough information, and I’m wondering if I’ve raised certain points too often.  But as I still have the second part of the assignment to write, I think I’ll leave it as it is, unless by some miracle I find time to revise it after writing part 2.  However, to have finished it so quickly, all-be-it due to researching the question while on one of my lunch breaks at work last week and being at least partly prepared when sitting down to write the thing, is definitely a good thing.

My plan for part 2 is to research it just as I did part 1, as that seemed to work for me and then try to produce it after work in the evenings.  So hopefully that strategy will be as successful as it was for part 1.  The only other thing I have to look out for is work over-running too much and cutting into my valuable essay writing time, because I really am getting fed up of doing so much overtime as I have been doing.  I’d really love to have a week where I’m able to get out of work nearly on time every day.

Also, as a separate and related note, I’ve decided which sessions I want to do for the next day school, so hopefully I’ll get on all of the ones I’m interested in.  This time I tried to look at ones that had a direct implication on the ECA, so I’ve tried to do one for each of the three options for the ECA and I’ve also picked the short story one – as that’s what I’m most interested in.  There were several other sessions that I wanted to do for fun, but I decided to go for the ECA strategy, as after having two iffy sessions last time due to choosing sessions that I thought would be the most interested to me, I thought I’d focus on my grades this time.