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My studies stall when I need to look at a course DVD or DVD-ROM.  The reason for this is that I do most of my studying on the train and while I have a laptop I don’t like to take it into work with me as it’s fairly heavy, I don’t want it to be stolen and I’m never guaranteed a seat, so I might not be able to use it anyway.

This means that my lovely head start has been drawn up short by the Ireland chapter and I’m now behind.  On top of that the assignment deadline has snuck up on me, it’s due on Friday and I’ve written… well not very much, but at least I’ve started it.

I’ve got a football tournament on Thursday with work, so I’m going to have to try to fit the assignment into tonight and tomorrow, or bring my laptop into work with me on Thursday.

On top of this, the sudden halt to my studies and my general lack of money is making me think twice about starting my next course in October.  I was planning on doing A215 in October, but if I wait until February next year I could do either A210 or U211, which are both on my plan, and have extra time to save up for them.   Although they both have examinations and I’m generally worried about the concept of examinations as a whole – I’m concerned I won’t be able to write quick enough, that my spelling will be terrible without a word processor to help me and that I’ll revise all the wrong aspects of the courses.

Plus I really wanted to do A215 as soon as possible, I was really looking forward to it.  It’s a shame that it only starts in October each year.

Anyway, I’ll need to get back on track with my studies in the next two weeks.  I guess I just need to get that assignment done, take the time to revise at home and keep going until I’ve either caught up or I’ve got another assignment to write.  Then when I’m back on top of the study pile, it’ll all seem worth it again and will, hopefully, be more pleasure than chore.

As an aside, I wasn’t fabulously happy with how I did on TMA03, but given how difficult I found Plato and that I made a silly mistake on The Diva, I did okay.  It’s not a terrible grade, but it’s a fair bit lower than my first two assignments.  I have to admit that I’m disappointed with it.  Maybe that’s been another stalling point for me – although it’s one that I need to get over quickly in order to make sure I hit the deadline for TMA04.  I paid good money for this course, I’m definitely not going to waste that by not doing all of my assignments and by not doing the best I can!