TMA04 is underway.  Although, as usual, I keep distracting myself by looking at the internet rather than writing the thing.  Perhaps this is not a good idea, as the chances of me doing very much essay writting tomorrow are slim-to-none.  On the plus side, my Mum has rung the house, so my lovely husband is going to be talking to her for a while – meaning that bedtime will be delayed by however long they chat for and that I get more essay writing time.

I think I’ve got the body of my argument in my essay plan, although I really need to see how it goes.

In terms of falling behind, I’ve decided to skip Ireland and the Shostakovich chapters for now in favour of the Benin chapters that come up in the next assignment.  Who knows, maybe I can convince myself to write the thing sooner than the two days before it is due!