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 I like doing well in assignments, I’m quite competitive with myself and I like to get good marks.  I have been getting good marks overall, although I’m a little disappointed with how I did for TMA03 and TMA04 – because while I did pretty well in both of them, I now need an average of 92% on my each of my final 3 TMAs to get a distinction.

I had expected this to happen.  I suspected that I wouldn’t really have enough time to dedicate to all of my TMA’s, meaning that I wouldn’t get a distinction.

I still kind of want one though… It’ll make me feel good, I could be really proud of myself if I got a distinction.  I really don’t think I have the time to polish my next three TMAs up to 92% each – but I’m going to try.

I know the score on this course doesn’t go towards my final mark in my degree.  I know that I would only really be doing it so I could wear a shiny invisible badge of achievement for a few days.  I know it’s going to be really difficult to fit it all in.  But I am going to try.My tutor is right, I can do better than I have done in the past two assignments, I just need to focus, plan and have a proper proofing process.