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It’s sent.

I was exceedingly close to not even starting the damn thing, as I’m pretty certain that I’m able to with a zero in one of my assignments now that I’m this far through the course.  However, my lovely husband made me feel guilty with puppy eyes and that cute little frown of his that says “I really don’t think it’s for the best” and “I’m a little worried about that”.

Considering that I only started the thing at 8, I think I did okay.  The last two paragraphs are a bit weak and given more time I would have got rid of the argument about controversy between anthropological and art history circles.  I was hoping to include it to stop it being all about race and colonialism and to add in an extra dimension.  But towards the end it just seemed a little bit flat (with little time to change it before going to bed).

Anyway, I’m up at 6.30 tomorrow for another hectic day at work. Unfortunately the days of being able to stay up until 3 writing an assignment are far behind me, so I just did what I could on part 2, ignored part 1 and I’m going to try to make it better over the weekend – just in case I get an extension by some miracle of magic, and so that it is complete.