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My TMA05 is due tomorrow, I have written the questions, but nothing else.

So, what’s the problem? Well, firstly, work is manic. It’s quarterly report season and everyone in the team has more to do than time to do it. This meant I had to bring work home with me on Tuesday night and I’ve done overtime everyday this week. Secondly, my little brother got married last weekend; this would have been the perfect opertunity for me to write some of my essay, what with the two hour trains to Manchester and the quiet hotel, and that was certainly my intention, except that I forgot the plates book and the DVD! Go team me – epic fail!

I’ve asked my tutor for an extension, but she hasn’t replied yet, so I don’t know if I’m going to get one. I guess I’ll just have to write what I can tonight and submit a part-finished piece. I should be able to pass with a really poor grade on this TMA, it’s just that I would like to be able to do the assignment properly.