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There is an awful lot going on in my life at the moment.  The pace of work has picked up again and I’m probably going to be doing a fair amount of overtime this week and possibly over the weekend too.  I’ve hardly spent any time at the allotment this month and my knitting is gathering yet another month’s worth of dust.  Also, I need to start paying more attention to my spending, I’ve been letting it get away from me, and that’s never a good thing (although the annoying overtime will hopefully help during September).

My lovely course, my wonderful keeping-my-brain-active activity has fallen by the wayside.  I hurt my shoulder not too long ago and as a result I’ve been trying to keep my work bag fairly light, but given that I do most of my studying on the train to and from work, this has meant that I haven’t studied as much as I should do.

I think I’m also a little dispondent about not being able to do the writing course in October.  I’d like to use that time to focus on less guided writing, perhaps, but every idea I come up with recently has felt a little flat.  The Madness Dance is still unfinished, as is Taking Pictures of clouds and my idea of an all female young-adult fantasy adventure is being defeated by the fact that all I have is a semi-feminist concept and no plot for it at all!  Sprout is at one and a half chapters and hidden in a notebook somewhere in the guinea pig room and Madeline fell down at the outline stage, because it was far too depressing and I really didn’t want to bring myself down with it.  It’s at this point that the advice that the way to be a writer is to actually write something, resonates particularly well.

With this in mind, I would like to make a simple request to the Universe – please can I have more spare time and/or more money?  I will try my best not to waste either, if you give them to me.