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TMA07 is in the system and winging it’s way to my tutor in what has been the most sucessful act of time management all course – which is appropriate, as I used my complete failure to manage my time properly for TMA’s 05 and 06 as my example of where I need to improve.  My first step to improving my time management has happened, now I just need to have a proper sit down over the weekend and plan so that I can do the same for my ECA.

In a completely seperate note I received an email about helping out in developing new course materials for an English Language course.  The gist of the email is that the team that are developing the course would like student feedback on the materials they have so far – I imagine that this will involve studying some or all of the materials and highlighting areas that caused problems, areas that were particularly good etc.  It took all of five minutes before I sent the email to request to take part – my thinking being that it’ll be the chance to get some “free” studying done while I save up for the next course.  It may even help the development team out.