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The ECA (final assignment) has been very difficult for me so far.  I’ve written 1,208 words out of the 2,000 word limit and for almost every single one of those words I feel like I’ve been on a gargantuan journey.  This is no “seven in one hit”, where I’m referring to flies and everyone else thinks I’m referring to men; this has been like building a small section of the Great Wall of China on my own.

So time to take a (quick) reflection of my progress.  I’ve written an introduction that sets out my intentions, I’ve stated the opposing arguments, I’ve detailed the first example and different people’s opinion on it and tied it into the essay question and the upcoming next example with a rather fine joining paragraph – if I do say so myself.

Now I just have to write a further example, or possibly two as I have quite a few words left, and write my conclusion.

I better get on with it, really.

Additional – I’ve now reached the conclusion and I’m at 1,974 words.  I’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do to it tomorrow; I’ve got to add references throughout the body of the text, which will boost my word count, and I have to make it a little more presentable.  I’m tempted to remove my third example, as it doesn’t carry much weight or really add to the argument and I could use the words to expand on examples one and two instead. The only advantage to example three is that it does provide the quality of referencing material that is outside the chapter I’m working on, so it has value in that respect.

I think the most important thing that this assignment has taught me is that I need to plan and provide enough time to write an assignment.  I’ve been working on it in segments for most of the week, which has given me the chance to think about it away from the computer and meant that I don’t feel entirely drained; it also has the advantage that once again I have a whole evening in which to add the finishing touches.

However, more on the future tomorrow or over the weekend, when it has been uploaded and I can fully reflect on AA100.