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A few minutes ago I submitted by my ECA.

In the future I’m going to reflect on my progress on AA100, but right now I want to consider how I’m feeling.

My first and most prominent reaction is pretty close to jubilation.  I’ve got a free and easy smile and my heart has been lifted – my assignment is submitted!  I’ve completed my first 60 point course!

It’s a good feeling.

I also have watery eyes.  The process of writing my assignment has worn me out and when I’m tired I tend to be closer to tears.  That said, I have to admit that it’s more than simple tiredness.  There’s a happy relief at having submitted it, at having met the deadline, the wordcount and feeling that I’ve done a passable job; but it’s one that’s tinged with the remembered griefs of the course – the unfinished TMA, the distinct lack of motivation I suffered from for a while, the times when I struggled to complete an assignment when I was already exhausted from my job, the missed tutorials.

There’s the sense of achievement.  I have set my mind to a task and I have completed it.  The time, money and effort that I have put into this course has been worthwhile, I have submitted my final assignment and I’m fairly confident of a pass.

Finally, I have a sense of freedom.  A sense that tomorrow I need not worry about if I’m up to date with my studies; the knowledge that I have at least four months where the only demands on my evenings and weekends will be the social ones that I’ve put there.  No more guilty feelings about doing an activity other than studying when I’m already behind schedule, or close to an assignment deadline!  At least, not until I sign up for the next course.

I’ve been through a lot in the name of AA100 and personal development, and it’s all been worthwhile.  My ECA has been submitted and I will celebrate by sleeping, seeing my friends tomorrow, having a weekend that’s all my own and perhaps saying a silent toast with a beverage of my choice to my achievements.