Until today Winchester was just a place in the UK where a former housemate went to University.  I was aware that it had a Cathedral and part of me thinks that it’s on a hill or something.  Until today I could not point to a small map of the UK and tell you where Winchester was, I couldn’t even tell you what it was near.

Today I found out that my tutorial group meets up in Winchester.  Then I went to find out where it was and how I’m supposed to get there given that I don’t have a car.  Apparently there is a direct train, which is most definitely a good thing.

Anyway, I’ve girded my loins, told the husband he’s coming with me so we can make a day trip of it after the tutorial finishes and decided I’ll go to the first one at least. Given that I struggled to get to the tutorials in Reading, I’m not sure I’ll get to very many of the tutorials in Winchester.

Actually, I may be being a little defeatist here.  The first week of my course hasn’t even started yet, so I should probably try to keep an open mind.