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Wow!  I really enjoyed my first A210 tutorial today.  My new tutor is really dynamic and I found myself cackling at some points.  I have to admit that I’m looking forward to the next one in two weeks.  Now I need to try and feed everything I’ve learnt today into my studies.

I’m actually starting to worry slightly, but only slightly, about the close examination of the texts.  The tutorial was on such a high level of understanding that I did wonder if my abilities will be good enough to give the texts the credit they deserve.  I did manage to contribute to the analysis of the two pieces my tutor had prepared, but the depth we went to was only possible due to the number of people in the group.  On occasion I was able to think “of course, I should have thought of that”, but in other instances I had a moment of wondering how I would ever be able to come up with that on my own.  Hopefully I’ll get it with practise and guidance; I really need to keep reminding myself to email my tutor if I have a question, I didn’t contact my AA100 tutor often enough.

My intention now is to use the tutorial as a staging point for really getting into it tomorrow.  Saturday is a good day for me to have tutorials, I suspect, as it potentially gives me the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday to take the motivation and insight I’ve gained from the tutorial and plough it right back into my studies.  I found it very difficult to attend tutorials on week-nights, mainly because after I’d finished work all I wanted to do was sit down at home, so hopefully Saturday tutorials will be much better for me.

Happily, I really related to the atmosphere my tutor helped the group to generate.  I have to admit that as I’ve been having a rough time recently I asked my husband to accompany me to Winchester, but thankfully I found out that I didn’t need the support that I took him along for after all.  I was really pleased about that!  Maybe I should try and re-read this post in the future if I’m struggling to find the motivation to attend a tutorial!

As an aside, I did find it was sweet that the college the tutorial was at was on a street that bore the name of my love – “[my husband’s first name] Street”.  But please do accept my apologies for being a soppy moo.

The only mildly sad thing was that no one from my AA100 tutor group appears to be in my A210 tutorials.  As I was walking to the station I realised that I miss some of the ladies from AA100.  Luckily I think I have an email address or two to get back in touch with them, so I’ll give that some thought.  But even if I don’t manage to get back in touch with them I hope they are all well and enjoying whatever they are doing.

Now, however, it is time to sign off.  I have to do some work-work from home this weekend and I’m going to try and get most of it done tonight so that I can concentrate on “The Genre Approach” and hopefully also “Reading Jane Austin” tomorrow.

Good night, and happy studying!