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The exam is over!  I actually enjoyed answering the first question (which was question 1, by the way) as I’d done a lot of revision on the text.  I think my performance went downhill slightly from there, in line with the amount of revision I did!  I picked the realist novel question for part two and the gender question for part three.  My answer for part three was mainly BS, but hopefully it was all cool.

I definitely did enough to pass, or at least I hope I did.  I came out the exam smiling at least and wound up using three answer booklets, although most of that was because I left some blank pages and double spaced my answers.

I may write up everything once the exam paper is up on the net, but until then I shall keep my knowledge in my head – apparently some people still need to take the exam.

To celebrate I had a beer with friends and then a burritto with my husband.  I also had a little dance when I got home.  There’s a really nice sense of freedom from being study-free until at least February.  And I didn’t give up!  Go team me.