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I did a quick pass over the OU blogs today.  It’s so sweet to see so many people starting out on thier OU journey.

As for me, I’m in the middle of enjoying a few months between courses.  Next year is my creative writing year, so I’m hoping to do a little brushing up.  I wrote a whimiscal poem on the tube yesterday, which I will, eventually, post to my literature blog.

I’m also slowly pondering birthday presents.  I like the idea of getting a dslr, but I also like my idea of a tattoo of two magpies.  I don’t think my Mum would be happy if I spent birthday money on a permanent scar, but I think 30 is a good year to find the art that suits me.  Mind you… I guess a dslr would also help me to find my art.

The dilemma.

I’m already in that odd place of desperately hoping the next course will come along.  The last course was tough, but I want the next one already – is that the sign of an abusive relationship?  😉

Man, hope I don’t scare the freshers off.